Cuisine with seasonal products and wines of Piedmont

The menu of our restaurant

Our menu consists of typical and seasonal dishes, here are some examples of what you can enjoy at our farm.


Our cold cuts accompanied with the friciule
Raw meat pounded with knife
Veal with tuna sauce of nineteenth century
Russian salad
Rabbit tuna
Capon salad
Savoy Chicken nuggets
Peppers with bagna cauda (hot dip)
Seasonal vegetables Pie with Castelmagno fondue
Cauliflower flan with pepper sauce
Eggplant pie with cream of zucchini
Tartrà with sausage and peas
Rabbit roll with vegetables

First courses

Ravioli with gravy from roasts
Butter and sage Vegetarian ravioli
Ravioli with meat sauce
Gnocchi with fresh tomato
Castelmagno Gnocchi
Tagliolini or tagliatelle with vegetables and bacon
Tagliolini or tagliatelle with wild boar sauce
Tagliolini or tagliatelle with mushrooms
Sausage risotto
Cheese risotto
Vegetarian lasagna
Cheese Crepes
Mushroom Crepes

Second courses

Chunks of wild boar with apples
Roast of veal
Beef Braised in Barolo
Rabbit “Cortese”
Roast guinea fowl
Roast Pork Loin
Mixed fried foods Piemontese style
Polenta with sausage and mushrooms
Batter fried vegetables
Cheese platter with our jams


Nougat semifreddo
Pear and chocolate cake
White chocolate mousse
Panna cotta with berry sauce
Lemon peach cake  
Figs and ricotta tart
Chocolate Pumpkin pie
Strawberry Tiramisu
Creme caramel 
Hazelnut and eggnog cake

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